3 Excellent Homeopathic Remedies for Managing Acute Fever

By :Gitanjali Goel on : 12/02/2017

I often tell my patients let fever run its course. It is good to have fever.

Fever is sign of overactive immune system. Fever helps body to raise the temperature to a point where it cooks off any viral and bacterial infection. If you or your loved one is not in distress during fever, there is no need to jump for antipyretics because treating fever with medication keeps the body from healing in all respects. These medications will free you from fever but now your whole system has been burdened with suppressed symptoms. Suppression by antipyretics, analgesics only pushes the disease deeper.

Homeopathic remedies can take care of fever without distressing your system. Always remember my ABC of treating fevers with homeopathy.

Aconite: This remedy is indicated when there is sudden onset of fever along with anxiety and restlessness. There is unquenchable thirst. If you haven't used this remedy in the first few hours of fever then don't bother giving it as it will not do anything.

Belladonna: This remedy is very useful for high fever with hot head and cold hands and feet. Often accompanied with bright red face and glassy eyes, dilated pupils.

Chamomilla: It is an effective homeopathic remedy where there is fever along with teething. Child is usually irritable and unable to be comforted. Child demands for a thing and then refuses to take it once offered.

Give a dose of your chosen remedy every 2 hours up to 6 doses and stop as soon as you see the improvement. If you have chosen the right remedy the patient will fall asleep. If the fever returns upon waking up then continue using that same remedy.

If none of the above remedies work or fit, try ferrum phos. Homeopathic prescribing requires art of observation, observe carefully and you will be master of handling acute fever.

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