Emotions and Endometriosis

By :Gitanjali Goel on : 10/02/2017

Sally came to me for help with depression and chronic fatigue.

She was not only feeling tired but there was a sense of complete weakness, which made her bed ridden at times. She was having panic attacks every other day but that wasn't all. She was also dealing with endometrial adhesions in her ovaries and Fallopian tubes.

In her consultation session, she revealed her abusive childhood. She had to take care of her mother while she needed the care in her childhood days. She had missed the love and care which is a child's right. She was always anxious about her children's health and safety.

I started with Aconite to address the panic attacks and it certainly helped. When she returned after a month she reported that she is not feeling that much anxious now and her fatigue symptoms were also better. She was not feeling tired to the point where she would put off the important things. She had the return of migraine from her teenage years but they cleared up quickly.

Sally continued to visit for her next appointments and gradually her periods returned. She was quite happy with the fact that this time her periods were not stabbing ones but it was bearable pain.

Finally, she was able to have pain free periods. She was more cheerful now and had no more bitter feelings in her heart. I was feeling proud as I could resolve her endometriosis, depression and chronic fatigue by addressing the emotional root cause.

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