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"3 Excellent Homeopathic Remedies for Managing Acute Fever"

I often tell my patients let fever run its course. It is good to have fever.

Fever is sign of overactive immune system. Fever helps body to raise the temperature to a point where it cooks off any viral and bacterial infection. If you or your loved one is not in distress during fever, there is no need to jump for antipyretics because treating fever with medication keeps the body from healing in all respects. These medications will free you from fever but now your whole system has been burdened with suppressed symptoms. Suppression by antipyretics, analgesics only pushes the disease deeper.

Homeopathic remedies can take care of fever without distressing your system. Always remember my ABC of treating fevers with homeopathy.

Aconite: This remedy is indicated when there is sudden onset of fever along with anxiety and restlessness. There is unquenchable thirst. If you haven't used this remedy in the first few hours of fever then don't bother giving it as it will not do anything.

Belladonna: This remedy is very useful for high fever with hot head and cold hands and feet. Often accompanied with bright red face and glassy eyes, dilated pupils.

Chamomilla: It is an effective homeopathic remedy where there is fever along with teething. Child is usually irritable and unable to be comforted. Child demands for a thing and then refuses to take it once offered.

Give a dose of your chosen remedy every 2 hours up to 6 doses and stop as soon as you see the improvement. If you have chosen the right remedy the patient will fall asleep. If the fever returns upon waking up then continue using that same remedy.

If none of the above remedies work or fit, try ferrum phos. Homeopathic prescribing requires art of observation, observe carefully and you will be master of handling acute fever.

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"Can Homeopathy be the answer to postpartum Depression?"

For some women birth of a child not only brings joy but also crying spells, mood swings, anxiety, and insomnia. For few, these postpartum blues take a turn for the worse, when these women start experiencing depression which is usually referred as postpartum depression.

A woman’s hormones undergo significant change throughout the pregnancy, often resulting in hormonal imbalance post-pregnancy. To add to the misery, there is sudden drop in female sex hormones and thyroid hormones right after childbirth which further contributes to postpartum depression. According to a study a low level of anti anxiety hormone is linked to postpartum depression.

In a report on their findings in Psychoneuroendocrinology, Johns Hopkins researchers suggest that allopregnanolone holds potential for marking and treating postpartum depression. Research in the past had established a link between reduced levels of the hormone—a byproduct of the breakdown of progesterone —and anxiety and depressed mood.

This study established the fact that the women who are already diagnosed with mood disorders are more prone to postpartum depression.

Majority of women do not seek any kind of medical intervention for this condition fearing the side effects of antidepressant drugs on their baby. Women who extend their hand to get conventional medical aid, end up hurting their emotions even more. Wondering then, what can help these women embrace the joy of motherhood? Shouldn’t there be something in the time of hormonal upheaval which can truely correct the issue, not merely suppress the symptoms for them to later erupt as a volcano of physical complaints or mental agonies. I have been helping women dealing with emotional roller coaster before and after childbirth using gentle, effective, and non threatening homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathy is very effective in treating postpartum depression by bringing your hormones in balance. I would like to share the story of one of my clients who suffered for more than six months because of postpartum depression. She was only 29 years old when she came to me with her 2 month old baby girl and husband. She was on verge of breaking down as she was under enormous stress and severe depression from last 6 weeks. She had lost all interest in her life. She didn't want to take care of her baby. Her husband reported that she had crying episodes and she had stopped taking interest in any activities. She also agreed that she didn’t feel any affection towards her baby. She had lost her appetite and sleep. She responded very well to Sepia 200, however she needed few more remedies to come out of her depression completely.

Homeopathy does not offer one single remedy for a particular disease; it looks at your system wholistically. Homeopathy offers personalised medicine based on your unique individuality, your constitution, your perfect match with the remedy picture. It treats whatever is ailing you, be it be your hormones, your skin conditions, your viral or bacterial infections. You name it and these medicated little pillules will magically stimulate your system to rectify the condition which is bothering you.

Currently I am offering 30 minute Free Happy Hormones Breakthrough Discovery Session, if you want to know more how homeopathy can make your crappy hormones happy hormones, it is the time to book an appointment by visiting

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"Hypothyroidism cured with Homeopathy - A Testimonial"

"My husband and I had used homeopathic treatments for our dog very successfully and it was far more reasonably priced than with conventional vets so I thought I’d give homeopathy a try to reverse my underactive thyroid and go off Synthroid.
Gitanjali Goel was successful in improving my underactive thyroid blood test results for two years in a row. She also helped me with some other conditions as well.
My procrastination and insecurity improved, my dry skin, dry mouth and hair loss improved. After a number of weeks of being on her treatments I began to feel more confident and there wasn’t anything I thought I couldn’t do. I held a cooking class for a group of ladies which I wasn’t confident to do before and it sort of felt like my head cleared and I came out of hibernation. That’s the only way I can describe the good positive feelings I had. I was also more mellow and was noticeably more agreeable and nicer to other people. My mood improved, I was happier and I saw the world in a brighter light. I have always been a positive person but the world around me seemed better and I felt better.
Thank you Gitanjali Goel! I am happy to be off Synthroid and feeling better. "

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"My endometriosis treatment led to osteoporosis..."

Last year Mandy came to see me for her osteoporosis. She was only 27 years old. She was having sharp features and was tall, and slim. When she said she came to see me for the treatment of osteoporosis, I was quite surprised to know that she is dealing with osteoporosis at such a young age but when she narrated further that she thinks she got this because of Lupron (lupron is a GnRH agonist prescribed for treatment of endometriosis) it made sense.

According to a survey people who were on lupron had 5-6% decline in bone mineral density over just 6 months of use. 16% of people reported brittle or cracking bones and 3% reported osteoporosis.

She was very frustrated and was wishing she never had lupron for treating her endometriosis. She told me that just 6 months ago she fractured her knee and was very concerned about the brittle nature of her bones. She had to undergo arthroscopic surgery to fix her torn meniscus. It had been six months and she was still not healed. She was enduring intense, sharp, and cutting pain. She was advised by her family doctor to have abdominal injections for sometime but was also told that it could lead to osteosarcoma; which is bone cancer. At that point she decided that she needs to figure out another route to treat her osteoporosis and endometriosis which can help her without any side effects.

After consultation I prescribed her Mag Phos and Calc Phos for few days. During her follow up appointment she told me she was feeling much better; now the intensity of pain was way less. This time I decided to prescribe her constitutional remedy along with continuation of calc phos. After few more follow ups she felt her bones are strengthened and no more pains were associated with endometriosis.

Homeopathy can help. I always advise to reach for homeopathy first.

You can book a 15 minute free consult with me to find the missing piece of your health strategy.

***Free 15 Minute Consultation***

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"Could Homeopathy Halt Nausea During Pregnancy?"

The happiness of being pregnant just vanishes away when you are dealing with morning sickness every single day. For some it isn’t just there for morning hours, they have to suffer day and night. It becomes a burden and you wish you were not pregnant. But not anymore because Homeopathy is there to rescue…

Today I will be discussing a few of my cases where nausea was put to a halt with homeopathic remedies.

Case 1: Paula came to see me in her first trimester as nausea was ruining her pregnancy. She was not able to eat or drink anything. She was not able to bear the smell of food cooking and everytime she tried to cook something, smell made her nauseous. She couldn't have milk, raw eggs, or soup, all because she was gagging at the mere thought of those items. Along with these symptoms, she also complained that she was feeling a cold sensation in her stomach. At times she felt flatulent with a distended abdomen. I prescribed her colchicom and she was back to her normal self and enjoyed her pregnancy.

Case 2: When Kim came to see me for her nausea during her pregnancy, she felt terrible because every morning she had to deal with bouts of nausea but she wasn’t able to vomit. Eating also never helped to relieve the nausea. She loved fatty and rich food. She also told me that she craves pungent and bitter things. Nux vomica was able to tame down her nausea successfully.

Case 3: Sapna’s nausea was not just tormenting her during the mornings but was affecting her constantly throughout the day. She was very emotional and even crying while telling her symptoms. She felt better in open air. She loved to have fatty and rich food which always upset her stomach. Pulsatilla was the remedy for her to feel better and it certainly helped her to enjoy her  pregnancy.

There are many remedies to help bring the nausea under control. If you want help with your nausea, you can book a 15 minute free consult with me.

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