My endometriosis treatment led to osteoporosis...

By :Gitanjali Goel on : 03/13/2018

Last year Mandy came to see me for her osteoporosis. She was only 27 years old. She was having sharp features and was tall, and slim. When she said she came to see me for the treatment of osteoporosis, I was quite surprised to know that she is dealing with osteoporosis at such a young age but when she narrated further that she thinks she got this because of Lupron (lupron is a GnRH agonist prescribed for treatment of endometriosis) it made sense.

According to a survey people who were on lupron had 5-6% decline in bone mineral density over just 6 months of use. 16% of people reported brittle or cracking bones and 3% reported osteoporosis.

She was very frustrated and was wishing she never had lupron for treating her endometriosis. She told me that just 6 months ago she fractured her knee and was very concerned about the brittle nature of her bones. She had to undergo arthroscopic surgery to fix her torn meniscus. It had been six months and she was still not healed. She was enduring intense, sharp, and cutting pain. She was advised by her family doctor to have abdominal injections for sometime but was also told that it could lead to osteosarcoma; which is bone cancer. At that point she decided that she needs to figure out another route to treat her osteoporosis and endometriosis which can help her without any side effects.

After consultation I prescribed her Mag Phos and Calc Phos for few days. During her follow up appointment she told me she was feeling much better; now the intensity of pain was way less. This time I decided to prescribe her constitutional remedy along with continuation of calc phos. After few more follow ups she felt her bones are strengthened and no more pains were associated with endometriosis.

Homeopathy can help. I always advise to reach for homeopathy first.

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