Hypothyroidism cured with Homeopathy - A Testimonial

By :Gitanjali Goel on : 02/27/2018
"My husband and I had used homeopathic treatments for our dog very successfully and it was far more reasonably priced than with conventional vets so I thought I’d give homeopathy a try to reverse my underactive thyroid and go off Synthroid.
Gitanjali Goel was successful in improving my underactive thyroid blood test results for two years in a row. She also helped me with some other conditions as well.
My procrastination and insecurity improved, my dry skin, dry mouth and hair loss improved. After a number of weeks of being on her treatments I began to feel more confident and there wasn’t anything I thought I couldn’t do. I held a cooking class for a group of ladies which I wasn’t confident to do before and it sort of felt like my head cleared and I came out of hibernation. That’s the only way I can describe the good positive feelings I had. I was also more mellow and was noticeably more agreeable and nicer to other people. My mood improved, I was happier and I saw the world in a brighter light. I have always been a positive person but the world around me seemed better and I felt better.
Thank you Gitanjali Goel! I am happy to be off Synthroid and feeling better. "

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