Let go your deep-seated grief with Homeopathy

By :Gitanjali Goel on : 09/19/2017

How are you dealing with your grief? Everybody has his/her own way to handle the difficult situations Some can let their emotions flow through their tears and some can’t pour out their heart and struggle with emotional pain. This deep seated suppressed emotional pain comes on the surface in the form of a physical condition. I have often heard from my patients that they had never felt the same since their tragedy and whenever they hear or see something similar happening to other people, it resurfaces their own pain and that entire day becomes too difficult to deal with. This doesn’t hurt them just emotionally but they experience other things as well, such as migraines, panic attacks, sleeplessness, gut issues to name a few.

Your symptoms are the reflection of your inner state. When there is disarrangement of your inner balance, your body gives signal in the form of symptoms. Homeopathy helps you to correct that disrupted balance. I have seen thousands of patients getting helped to overcome their deep-seated grief with homeopathic remedies.

Only last week when one of my patients heard the news of her friends’ divorce, it took a great toll on her physically and emotionally. She suffered from panic attacks and sleeplessness. On inquiring she reported that when she heard about her friends’ divorce, it reminded her about her own lost love and she couldn’t handle her emotions. A single dose of Natrum Mur helped her to calm down and she could sleep again as well.

There are several remedies to help you with your grief whether it be a new grief or an old one. If you or any of your loved ones are also dealing with any type of grief please do not hesitate to contact me. I am just a phone call away. Deal with your grief today, don’t let it paralyse your future.

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