A Case of Hypothyroidism – I felt warm after many years……….Thank you so much!

By :Gitanjali Goel on : 08/02/2017

“I felt warm after many years. You know I didn’t wear any socks past four days. Feeling awesome. Thank you so much.” I wasn’t surprised at all when Mrs. S said this to me on her second appointment. She had been on Synthroid for her Hypothyroidism since last 7 years and had always been chilly. She had to wear socks even during summer time. During her initial consultation she was in tears while narrating her complaints. She was verbally and emotionally abused by her husband. She was under immense stress but still wanted to help people in need. Her case was very clear and straightforward. I prescribed three doses of Pulsatilla 200 and saw the positive results in the very next appointment. Few more follow up consultations were done and she is off of Synthroid now.

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